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As the courage in  bullfighters, English is becoming an attribute of the students, to the point that in some universities, such as Cantabria University , to get the graduate degree  it is essential to establish the so-called B2 level , equivalent to last year official  language school or Cambridge First Certificate. Perhaps that is why the English teacher and businessman Richard Vaughan has been the star at Cantabria University within the framework of the initiatives of the Campus of Excellence.

“It is not true that Spain is in a third world situation in teaching English. If we did a comparison the level of learning for young people from Japan, Russia or China is far worse, but it is true that the situation is not good”.  According to the entrepreneur and creator of Vaughan System-a method that emphasizes learning by using all the resources that the mass media offer and famous for his radio and television channels as platforms for e-learning –the problematic situation of teaching English in Spain has 2 roots. “The Spaniards dominated the world in the past, not only politically, but today it is a society with little confidence, intimidated by challenges such as handling in another language. Consequently, I always tell my students that their enemies are themselves”. Also, the problem is found in educational policies. Steps are being taken. There are more and more bilingual schools in many autonomous communities. This is one strategy, not the one I would recommend, but a step, compared to the recent past in which there was no schedule or the strategies employed were inconsistent. However, there is lack of commitment, not only by primary, secondary and high school education. Vaughan refers to his recent agreement with Cantabria University for which there is a plan managed by Vaughan System. “One hour, one euro”. This is the motto to facilitate the learning of his students at Cantabria University. A maximum of 25 students per classroom, intense dynamics of conversation, tools ranging from the most innovative multimedia to traditional storytelling. An intensive system in which the student attends classes an hour a day during the 150 school days of course.600 hours over a grade .In addition to these 2 little secrets. Well, actually in education, in English or palaeontology, there are no secrets but the teacher. Any other method or material is useless without a teacher to motivate, encourage and make work fun Vaughan offers, in fact, a selection of well trained teachers. And it must be, if we consider his success.

Since his arrival in Cantabria  for 7 years , Vaughan has set up a  radio station, a centre of communication, immersion camps in Villacarriedo, Suances and Alto Campoo, residence for adults in Vaughan Town Programme n d now the classroom university. He putt he stress on the student involvement and ear-training one of the litanies of his system. However, it is not so clear the continuity of his project among us. Many initiatives he has told us have been made possible with the public support that has facilitated students Access to powerful means of learning at a very low price.


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