Electric guitar

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The electric guitar was created in the United States in the middle of the Twenty Century as a result of the neccesity to amplify the sound of acoustic guitars. From then on a lot of instruments suffered many changes throughout time.

Thes best instrument to be adaptated was the guitar and although a lot of brands started this kind of guitar it was Rickbacker the first well knownbrand.

At that time, the famous jazz guitarists saw that their acoustic guitars didn´t have power and volumen enough to compete againt the rest of instruments of the band, so that´s the reason using this kind of instrument.

Leo Fender designed the first electrical solid detachable guitar and with few pieces, in order that the musicians did not have problems on having had to change pieces of the instrument spent or you rotate for the use. It was the birth of the Fender Telecaster

This instrument was very used in the operettas; nevertheless, it was rapidly adopted by jazz bands and Blues. His creation also allowed new musical styles, since they are the Rock, and the Heavy metal, where it turned into the symbol and protagonist of these new musical currents.

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